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 Meet our Team!


Dr. White- Dentist 

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Kirstin- Hygienist

Kirstin truly loves the work that being a dental hygienist provides her with. Her main objective in the workplace is to educate her patients, while having fun, which is why she fits in perfectly here at Phoenix Family Dentistry. She enjoys fine detailing, working in a team setting, and having conversations with people both familiar to her and ones she’s just met. She is a true people-person and can chat with you about almost anything, but she especially gets into the conversation if it’s about crafting, DIY’ing, Disney, or ghost hunting. She loves the dental world and helping her patients obtain their optimum oral health, which in case you're new here, directly ties into a person's overall health. If you are looking for suggestions regarding how to improve your dental home care, Kirstin is your gal.

Kirstin grew up in the Portland metro area and has since lived in Southern Oregon for over 16 years with her husband and kids. At home, the sounds of her favorite music or True Crime shows on the TV is often drowned out by the joyful sounds of her kids playing. She might not be able to hear where they found the footprints leading to the victim's house, but she wouldn't have it any other way. Whenever possible, her and her family will try to take vacations to one of their favorite spots at either Sunriver, a warm beach, or a Disney Park. Kirstin is mostly looking forward to safely traveling again since the pandemic. When the time comes, she will more than likely be driving up I-5 bumping Big & Rich or Sum 41 through the speakers. 


                                                                                                       Brooklyn - Hygienist

Brooklyn is a kind, hard-working, fun individual. She always strives to provide the best oral healthcare to all patients, while still making appointments enjoyable. Although she currently only works on Thursdays, we are so thankful she is the one who fills that day in!  

She was born locally in Medford but moved at a young age to Brookings and was raised there. After graduating high school, she knew dental hygiene school was her route. Therefore, she moved back to the city of Portland and completed the hygiene program there. After school she moved back down to Medford with her high school sweetheart of 16 years. They now have two beautiful children. As a family they enjoy going camping. They love outdoors/nature so what better place to live than Oregon! When Brooklyn gets some free time to herself, she enjoys painting, archery, shooting, and fishing. When she is not in the outdoorsy mood, she grabs a cup of coffee and binge-watches some crime TV.  


Alyssa- Dental Assistant

Southern Oregon native, Alyssa, was born and raised right here in the Rogue Valley. She started her dental career as a front office receptionist/patient coordinator at our office, but transitioned into dental assisting after completing her certification with Southern Oregon Dental Assisting Program in the fall of 2020. This defied her original plan, which was to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, until she sadly discovered that Harry Potter was indeed fictional.

When Alyssa isn’t daydreaming of eating her favorite gelato in Rome, she’s always on the hunt for new projects. She enjoys reading, baking, and finding new recipes to try out! If you’re one of the lucky ones, you might have witnessed one of her surprisingly good karaoke performances at your favorite local venue. On occasion she grabs her Mickey Mouse ears and takes her talents down to Southern California where she can visit her sister and spend time with her beloved friends and family.


Sheryl - Dental Assistant

Good job, Southern Oregon. You've gotten an Orange County native to fall in love with you and get her saying “Los Angeles, who?” Now that she’s here, we are never giving her back. Sheryl has been slowly growing her roots in Oregon for over 21 years and can’t ever see herself moving back to the concrete jungle. She’s grown accustomed to her seven minutes of peace and quiet driving to work every day without ever having to get on a single freeway. Instead of angrily merging into bumper-to-bumper traffic she sips her coffee provided by her almost-fiancé, Chris. It’s brewed with a special ingredient called “love” every single morning, which is really the reason why Sheryl is always so warm and friendly. You do not want to see her on a day she did not have her special coffee. If you ever must find yourself in that situation, just bring her something with chocolate and don't use any sudden movements. That should keep her tame for a while.

Sheryl did not choose dentistry, but dentistry chose her. She was the only kid in the history of the planet that genuinely loved going to the dentist. She would heckle her dentist as they had their instruments in her mouth asking all sorts of questions regarding what tools they were using and, every child’s favorite question, why? She did not try to fight fate and enrolled in dental assisting school which led her to her life today. She is extremely excited to be starting her new life with almost-husband Chris, in a new house they have together, with a new perfect job at Phoenix Family Dentistry, and new adventures to come!



Katrina- Front Office Administrator

Katrina was born and raised here in the Rogue Valley. After graduating from high school, she obtained a Property and Casualty Insurance License and worked in the industry for almost 14 years before deciding to change paths to the healthcare industry! She then decided to use her knowledge in the healthcare industry and has been going strong for 7 years and counting. We are so happy to have someone with such a kind personality and experience in her field on our team. 

When Katrina is not at the front desk, she is usually found spending time with her daughter Ava who is her mini-BFF. They enjoy going out for Mexican food, specifically at Las Palmas in Jacksonville. Do not ask her about the beans from there though, she loves them and will go on and on. Katrina’s favorite time of the day is the morning, so she wakes up before the sun, even on her days off. To pair with her early morning, she enjoys a matcha green tea latte or an Americano w/ soy milk. She plans to do some traveling in the next couple of years to places such as: Vegas, Orlando, and Europe! When she leaves for vacation her dog Honey Bear who is a 10-pound terrier mixed and smells like maple syrup will be subbing in for her. (Just kidding) …. or are we? 


Kim- Receptionist / Patient Coordinator 

The first thing you see when you enter our office, besides of course our stunningly beautiful décor, is Kim’s smiling face. She joined our team in November of 2021 and has since been learning everything there is to know about the dental world. She chose to get involved with dentistry because she has always believed in the importance of oral health and thinks that everyone deserves to feel confident about their smile. Kim has a soft spot for people who tend to be afraid of going to the dentist and wants to help them overcome their anxieties and achieve their healthiest smile possible.

We like to tease Kim for being the youngest in the office, but she is certainly not the baby in her own family. She is the oldest of four and helps her parents with her siblings as often as she can. In fact, Kim’s commute to work is usually accompanied by her little sister. Kim drops her sis off at school and hits I-5 on her way to Phoenix just in time to catch the sunrise every morning. As a woman of many talents, Kim is fluent in Spanish, English, and Mickey Mouse impressions. For all our sakes, though, please don’t ask her to speak in Mickey Mouse. Once she starts, we can never get her to stop. 

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